Hope for Hurting Hearts Released

July 10th, 2013

Hope for Hurting Hearts, a new Christian film released by Harvest Ministries has been released today to begin premiering at churches all around the country. If you haven't heard about this new movie, here's the synopsis:

Everyone has to deal with crises in life, including Christians. And sometimes, the reality of life can seem unbearable. But we can rest in the knowledge that God loves us, He weeps in our times of pain, and He can be glorified through suffering. Narrated by Dr. James Dobson, Hope for Hurting Hearts tells the stories of how Greg and Cathe Laurie, Jeremy Camp, Nick Vujicic, and their families dealt with times of trial. Each of these individuals has stood at a "spiritual crossroads" marked by challenging and painful circumstances, and each has chosen the road of trusting, following, and glorifying God.

You will be encouraged by these intimate accounts, which give a glimpse into God's perspective on suffering, and declare that there truly is Hope for Hurting Hearts.


If you want to premiere Hope for Hurting Hearts at your church, find out how here. Or, find out more about this movie in our new movies section. If you want to pre-order Hope for Hurting Hearts, (releasing September 3rd) go to their website to find out how!


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