Pilgrim's Progress - Journey to Heaven

July 25th, 2013

Pilgrims Progress - Journey to Heaven Movie Review

Pilgrims Progress - Journey to Heaven is a modern adaption of a book most everyone has heard about by John Bunyan. It follows a man named Christian and his journey to find the Celestial City, and the many obstacles he encounters along the way. The story is an impressive and thought-provoking allegory of the christian life, and it is interesting to see their take on this timeless story.

It is well worth noting how they added a new layer to the story by setting it in the modern world, and not simply retelling the story exactly how it was in the book. For example, in the beginning of the movie you see Christian living in a typical, modern-looking house and neighborhood.

The overall quality of Pilgrim's Progress is very good, with amazing effects and lots of well-done scenes. Between each scene or "obstacle" a map animation shows Christian's progress which is very fun to follow throughout the movie. It features many incredible video and animation effects, which definitely bring a more epic feel to the film.

The story and point of Pilgrim's Progress masterfully shows a Christian's journey from a life as a sinner to ultimate redemption and forgiveness in the end, if only you endure through the many trials of the world.

At about an hour and 45 minutes long, it is perfect for a fun, family movie night. It contains no objectionable language and only a few scenes featuring very brief violence and occasional appearances of demon-like creatures that might frighten younger audiences. All in all, this would be a very fun film to watch together as a family, and can prompt many discussion questions to discuss together as a family. With good acting, and an impressive adaption of an amazing story, I would highly recommend you add this film to your collection.


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