Interview: Larry Amon (Christian Walk Alive)

February 12th, 2016

We recently took some time to talk to Larry Amon, president of the Christian media ministry, Christian Walk Alive. It was great getting to meet him and he had some insightful things to say on media and the Christian film industry. Read the full interview below:

Q) First off, can you tell us what is Christian Walk Alive?

A) Christian Walk Alive is a 501c3 non profit Christian media ministry.

Q)What inspired you to start this ministry?

A) I started CWA with several good Christian friends from my college years. I was someone who consumed a lot of media especially movies, watching as many as two or three new movies a week sometimes. However, I really thought there was a lack of entertainment that had lasting value and that could be enjoyed without having to endure foul language gratuitous violence or trashy situations and themes. I wanted to create the kind of media that I thought was missing. I wanted to create media that was enjoyable to watch and that had better messages than what was widely available. As a Christian I also wanted to make media that shared what I thought was the most important message of all.

Q) What films have you created so far?

A) We created a radio drama called A Work In Progress for nearly ten years before we made our first film, Homecoming. It was a feature film that we're proud of, but it was our first attempt at a film and we worked on it with a very small budget.

Q) Do you have any in the works?

A) We're just finishing up our second film, called Masquerade. It's a short film that will also be a DVD Bible study. We'll premiere it in April of this year. The film is about what it means to have integrity and to be the same person to everyone you know and not put on masks for different situations. We're about to start a crowdfunding campaign for our next feature film. This film is going to be a thriller about spiritual warfare.

Q) What has been your favorite thing about working in this ministry?

A) I love writing and telling stories but the best part is all the people I get to work with. Whether it's old friends or new ones, it's always a combination of hard work and a lot of fun to work on a film. Also, one of the coolest things for me is watching a story we've worked on, come to life right in front of my eyes.

Q) What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to make Christian films?

A) Put in the work. It takes a lot of effort and also a lot of knowledge. Learn as much as you can by studying films as well as the filmmaking process at every level. There's no substitute for hands on experience. In the end you also really need to tell a story that you would enjoy watching yourself.

We really appreciate Larry taking the time to talk with us and hopefully his words will be an encouragement to future filmmakers out there! You can find out more about Christian Walk Alive on their website They will also be launching a kickstarter project for their next film which you can find out more about at!


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