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Kirk Cameron's Unstoppable Second Showing

September 17, 2013

Kirk Cameron Unstoppable Second Showing

We are now one week away from the premiere of Kirk Cameron's new movie Unstoppable! This new film has been getting a lot of press and publicity and will definitely be a very exciting night. However, if you find yourself for any reason unable to attend on September 24th, they are now having a second showing in select theaters on October 3rd. So, if you aren't able to make it on the 24th, or you just want to see it again, be sure to check your local theaters to see if it's playing in your area on October 3rd.

To get tickets to see Unstoppable, either on the 24th or the 3rd, you canvisit Kirk Cameron's site here. This will definitely be a terrific night with an interesting film and I strongly encourage you to attend it. Be sure to stay tuned as we let you know when this film reaches its final release and you can read our review on it once it comes out.

Update: This article originally had Kirk Cameron's second showing listed as October 4th, while the actual date is October 3rd. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Iliad House Back Again

September 15th, 2013

Iliad House

For those of you who have been following the Kickstarter project Iliad House, you probably know that after a month of trying to reach their lofty $100,000 goal, they were eventually unsuccessful, reaching only around a quarter of their goal.

However, all is not lost, as a new Iliad House Kickstarter page is up, with a much smaller goal of only $15,000. This goal has already been achieved, with now $17,100 as of the writing of this post! Their plan is to just make the pilot series for now, and see where they can go from there after the pilot is released. If you haven't heard of Iliad House, the description reads:

"Fourteen-year-old orphan Jesse Davidson lives with his emotionally-distant and peculiar uncle Christopher Portalis in the Iliad House, a mysterious old mansion on an island off the east coast of the United States.

Just when Jesse is finally getting used to living on the island, he discovers that the old abandoned train he and his friends have been using as a clubhouse for the past year can actually move—through time!

They get caught up in a series of adventures fraught with temporal distortions, political intrigue, secret societies, and supernatural battles, all as they try to cope with the daily pressures and craziness of adolescence.

While traveling through the future and the past, they learn hard truths and secrets about themselves, and that there is forgiveness and redemption available to all who desire it. And, as Jesse and his uncle come to understand each other, Jesse begins to see that there is much more to Iliad House, and to why he and his uncle are there, than anyone realizes."

If this sounds like something you want to get on board with, be sure to help them out on their Kickstarter page! And as always, stay tuned as we keep you updated on this exciting new series!

New Movie: The Ultimate Life

September 12th, 2013

I deeply apologize for not posting in a week here on the CFC blog. We had a family emergency come up and we were gone for a week. We are now back and ready to continue bringing you more Christian film news!

A new Christian film appeared in theaters last week, The Ultimate Life, a sequel to The Ultimate Gift from 2006. The description reads:

Between the pressure of running a foundation started by his late grandfather, being sued by his greedy extended family, and seeing his beloved Alexia leave on an extended mission trip to Haiti, Jason Stevens' world is unraveling. But when Jason discovers the lifelong journal his grandfather began as a Depression-era lad, Red Stevens' writings transport Jason to a front-row seat on an incredible rags-to-riches ride. With everything he loves hanging in the balance, Jason hopes he can discover the ultimate life. The Ultimate Life reminds us some things are worth more than money!

You can get tickets to see this exciting new film from their website, or find out more about this film on our New Movies page. If you enjoyed The Ultimate Gift, or are just looking for a new Christian film to see, be sure to check out The Ultimate Life!

Movie Night with Col. John Eidsmoe

September 4, 2013

A More Perfect Union with Col. John Eidsmoe Movie Night

If you're looking for a movie to watch this Saturday, be sure to check out Frontline Community Church's special movie night. They will be showing the film A More Perfect Union (1989), and Colonel John Eidsmoe will be there analyzing the film for it's historical and worldview accuracy. This event will be held at Trinity Chapel in Powder Springs, Georgia, but if you don't live near there, you can still join by an online stream. This looks like it will be a fun night, so if you're around the Georgia area, or want to hook up to the live stream, be sure to join from 5-9 EST this Saturday. To learn more about this exciting event, you can learn more about it here. Be sure not to miss this incredible night!

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September 1st, 2013

Subscribe button

Happy September, everybody!

Today we wanted to point out to you a new feature on our website, the e-mail subscribe button. You may have noticed on the left sidebar, a small block where you can enter your e-mail address and hit the subscribe button. With this feature, you can make sure you never miss a blog post, as they'll all be delivered straight to your mailbox. This is a good way to keep up on Christian film news, and make sure you never miss anything here at CFC. If you want to make sure you stay up to date on the latest Christian film news, be sure to subscribe today!

Iliad House Unsuccesful

August 30th, 2013

A few weeks ago, we mentioned a new project by Adventures in Odyssey co-creator Phil Lollar called Iliad House, an audio drama that takes place on the fictitious Verity Island. Phil Lollar and his team were attempting to get this new project crowdfunded through Kickstarter, and were accepting support throughout the month of August. However, it became clear at the end, that they were going to fall very short of their goal, only raising around 25% of the needed $100,000.

Never fear, as the Iliad House team issued a statement a couple of days ago saying that they're not giving up yet:

"Unfortunately, we must face the hard truth that we will most probably not meet our goal of $100,000 by August 31 (barring a miracle, and, of course, nothing is impossible with God!). That goal was admittedly ambitious, as were our plans for the funds, which included not only providing you with almost 20 episodes of the series, but also building an infrastructure so that we could manufacture and deliver multiple and on-going episodes of Iliad House...

...To that end, we are taking what we have learned from our current Kickstarter campaign and using it to revise our goals and plans, and re-tool our campaign to reflect those lessons. As you know, Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing proposition, which means that if we do not meet our goal, we collect nothing, and you keep the funds you pledged.

So, when our current campaign ends, we will almost immediately start up a new one, with the new fundraising goal of only $15,000."

You can read their full statement on the subject on their Kickstarter page here. This looks like such an exciting project and I really hope that they have more success in their next Kickstarter project, as I cannot wait to listen to this audio drama some day. If you feel the same way, check back tomorrow as we'll post an update linking to the new Iliad House Kickstarter page. This will definitely be an amazing audio drama, and keep checking back as we follow the progress of the Iliad House project.

Interview: Josh Taylor

August 27th, 2013

Blimey Cow Logo

In a culture today where anyone with a video camera and a Youtube account can create a video (no matter how profane or vile), it's refreshing to stumble across a Youtube channel that contains good, clean humor, uplifting messages, and hilarious routines. Such is the case with Blimey Cow, a Youtube channel created by Josh and Jordan Taylor that has just that. With their weekly series, Messy Mondays, Blimey Cow teaches many different useful lessons that everyone can learn from. We had the amazing opportunity to talk to one of the creators of Blimey Cow, Josh Taylor, who graciously took the time to answer a few questions for us:

Q:First of all, can you tell us a little bit about Blimey Cow?

A:Sure, Blimey Cow is a YouTube channel that my younger brother, Jordan, and I started eight years ago. We created content on and off for several years, but in 2011 we decided to get serious about it. We started a show called "Messy Mondays," and have released a new episode every Monday since August of that year. The show is our main source of traffic to our channel. It focuses on a different topic every week. It's sort of like a "Video Blog Meets Theater." That's the best way I can think to describe the show.

Q:What has been your favorite thing about making Blimey Cow?

A:I really enjoy writing. It's really fun having the ultimate creative outlet to relay thoughts and ideas we have throughout the week. It's just a cool platform, I guess. We try and be wise with it.

Q:And on the other side, what has been the biggest challenge in making Blimey Cow?

A:Coming up with content that people consistently enjoy. Like I said earlier, we have released at least one video (sometimes two or three) every week for the last two years now. That feels kind of impossible, but somehow it's all worked out.

Q:What have you learned through making Blimey Cow?

A:I have learned to have a lot more respect for creators, and to give them the benefit of the doubt, even if I don't quite understand what they present on first glance. I have learned to have more confidence in myself. I have learned that if you set your mind to something, you can do it.

Q:What all goes into producing an episode of Messy Mondays and how long does it usually take?

A:It varies greatly, depending on the material. Writing takes all week- developing concepts, coming up with jokes, etc. Shooting can be as short as two or three hours, and others can drag on for four or five. Editing normally takes anywhere from six to ten hours.

Q:What new projects are you working on now for Blimey Cow?

A:I would love to try some new things in 2014. Maybe expand upon ideas we have tried in the past (long before we started "Messy Mondays"), and maybe just try some new stuff altogether.

Q:What do you hope to accomplish through your videos?

A:Comedy is one of the best forms of community. Nothing can bring people together like laughter. I want our videos to make people laugh. Then while they're laughing, I hope we make them think as well. You best way to get someone thinking is to get them laughing at how absurd we really are as people.

Q:Just for fun, what is your favorite episode of Messy Mondays?

A:Oh man, that's hard to say. I really like the more recent ones we have done just because I finally feel like everything is gelling just right. I like the recent video we did about caring for the poor, and I enjoy one we did last year called "I Pledge Blind Allegiance" just because I worked so hard to get it just right.

Q:And finally, what advice would you have for young people aspiring to start their own Youtube Channel?

A:Whatever you do, make sure you are having fun, and make sure you are doing it consistently. Don't worry about anything else.

We want to thank Mr. Taylor again for being so willing to take the time to talk to us about Blimey Cow and creating a Youtube Channel. You can find out more about Blimey Cow on their website at or on their Youtube Channel. We hope you enjoyed this interview, and we should have some more interviews coming in the following months!

2014 San Antonio Filmmakers Academy

August 25th, 2013

San Antonio Christian Filmmakers Academy 2014

In addition to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival next February, Vision Forum is also hosting their annual Filmmakers Academy right before the festival, on February 17-19, 2014.It was announced a few days ago that Kirk Cameron and Stephen Kendrick will be appearing at the Filmmaker's Academy this year. This definitely looks like it will be an incredible academy to attend.

To find out more about how to register for the Filmmakers Academy 2014, visit their website here, or you can follow them on their Facebook Page for more details.

Keep checking back as we bring you all the latest updates on the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and the Filmmakers Academy!