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May 22, 2013

And so it begins...

Welcome to the very first post on the new Christian Film Central blog! Here at the blog, you can find all kinds of resources for various Christian Film fields. We have a wide array of topics we hope to discuss on this blog, and our goal is to bring you the latest news and information concerning the ever-expanding world of Christian film. CFC is a hub for Christian filmmaking news, but we also want to make it a place where people can meet and share their ideas concerning Christian film. Each blog post has a comments section below that is meant for people to discuss the topic and learn from each other. We want to hear your opinions! We have a number of different topics these blog posts will cover, from interviews to tutorials. Through this blog, we will post:

~Discussion Questions - Every now and then we will ask you a question and get your opinion in the comments on how you feel about a certain issue. These discussion questions will range from serious questions to questions about what your favorite video editing software is.

~Interviews - We hope to perform interviews with various people in the Christian film industry. We hope to ask them questions about upcoming things they are working on, past experiences, and advice they may have to wannabe filmmakers.

~News - This will cover a variety of topics, but anything that constitutes news, such as a new line of cameras coming out, or a new movie coming out, etc.

~Reviews - We hope to review both movies and products and give you our opinions on them. Then in the comments, you can give us your take on whether you liked the product or not.

~Spotlights - Here, we will "spotlight" certain products, businesses, or movies and recommend them to you as good products.

~Tutorials - We also plan to add various tutorials on how to do certain camera effects, special effects, etc. This may also include linking to other useful tutorials for you to try, as well.

~Web Updates - Any time we make a radical change to the site, or need to alert you of any upcoming changes, we will post them as a web update.

Well, now you know all there is to know about the CFC blog. Please join us as this site continues to grow over the coming months and (hopefully) years! Ultimately, the goal of this site beyond bringing news from the Christian film world is to serve the Lord. Hopefully, we can use this site to serve Him! So, please join us for our adventure, and spread the word about CFC!


Love this website! Great job, Noah!

Great website, Noah! So proud of you!

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