Review: Jericho - The Promise Fulfilled

June 7th, 2013

Sorry about the lack of posts the past few days. Our internet went out and we just got it back finally! Today we present for you another review of a great film you should definitely watch! It was wonderful to get to meet this incredible family and I'm sure there are many amazing things in store for them in the future!

Jericho – The Promise Fulfilled
Last week, while at the Homeschool conference in Omaha, one of the videos I had the opportunity to pick up was Jericho – The Promise Fulfilled, a thirty minute lego brick, stop-motion animation by Shatterpoint Entertainment. This movie tells of the two spies sent into Jericho and the destruction of the city. The entire video is completely stop-motion animation, which makes it a very enjoyable watch. I watched the entire thing (bonus features and all) the day we got back from the conference and couldn’t get enough of it!
Jericho begins right away, telling the story and introducing the characters, and you quickly become familiar with them. It was interesting to see how the creators really cared about the story and did research into it before simply writing the script. The story is very compelling and even very amusing at some points. There are some very hilarious jokes throughout the film and I can honestly say I laughed several times! The dialogue thoroughly explains everything that is going on, which makes it easy to follow along and keep up. The story is excellent and has a very nice pace to it throughout the film.

So, the story was good; but how about the quality of it? I’ve watched countless stop-motion videos (and even made a few myself!) that appear very choppy and just aren’t fun to watch. You can’t engage in the story as you’re too distracted with the choppiness and poor workmanship of the film. I was pleasantly surprised to find Jericho quite the opposite. The animations are incredibly smooth and you can tell that they took their time and did it right. Many people fall into the trap (me included!) of growing lazy when animating and start making the frames more and more choppy, but this never once happens in the film. I was utterly amazed by some of the scenes with the Jericho army and how time-consuming it must have been to move all of those soldiers frame by frame! One of the most impressive scenes takes place by a river made up of blue sand, and in every single frame, they had to move the sand to give the illusion of waves. Throughout the entire film, the animation is superb and extremely high quality.

The DVD itself is very well done with lots of unique features in addition to the movie. There are fun backgrounds on the DVD and lots of extra bonus features. You can find a blooper reel, with bloopers from the voice acting for the film, the trailer for the film, and even a 30 minute behind-the-scenes documentary. This documentary has many interviews and behind-the-scenes clips of how they did certain shots and so on. So, even when you’ve watched the movie and can’t get enough, there are more bonus features to keep you entertained afterward.

This is a very fun movie with lots of humor and a good storyline, and is perfectly suited for a family movie night. There’s no questionable content to worry about here at all. Everything is very clean and it has good, wholesome humor in it. The quality of the film is superb with smooth animation, beautiful-looking effects (like water bubbling in a water cooler) and nice-looking background scenery. The voice acting is fun, and it was neat to see how they even animated mouth movements to go with the voices. All in all, the film is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it, and it would be a great thing to see for your next family movie night.

You can find out more about Shatterpoint Entertainment at or follow them on Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to support them by purchasing Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled or their other DVD "Wars of Humanity, Parts I and II".

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Now I REALLY want to see the film! Great review!

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