Interview: Danny Carrales

June 13, 2013

A modern retelling of Pilgrim's Progress directed by Danny Carrales

Today, we present to you our very first interview on CFC! A few weeks ago, I got to meet Danny Carrales, a Christian filmmaker with DRC Films, LLC. He's an incredibly encouraging man and it was a blessing to get to meet him. He was kind enough to be willing to do an interview for the blog, and he has some very interesting things to say.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about how you went into the film industry and about DRC Films?

A: I felt lead by God to make evangelistic movies that could be shown around the world during my senior year in high school.

In order to develop my craft, I went to the University of Texas in Austin for my undergraduate
degree in film. The UT film school is one of the top in the nation. There I shot my first evangelistic
movies, even though never received distribution, I learned a lot and was able to use them to share
Jesus with my classmates and professors and anyone else that came to watch our movies during
student movie night. While attending UT, I was involved in Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, which helped me grow in my faith, while attending a secular university.

In order to develop my film making skills even further, I attended Regent University (a Christian
film school) in Virginia Beach, VA for my M.A. in Communications. It was at Regent that I met like minded film students and professors and I really enjoyed my time honing my skills there.

While at Regent, I was able to find a lot of free lance work at the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), which was just another wonderful opportunity to learn from working professionals. There I was given directing jobs, which lead to more directing jobs.

Eventually, I worked for ministries such as Blue Fish TV and companies like New Day Pictures. Living like a college student, I managed to save enough money to direct and produce my first movie, Final Exit, which led to saving money to produce The Gathering (which was a modest hit).

Taking income from Final and Gathering, I directed and produced Escape From Hell, which became a hit movie in the Christian community.

All my movies have been a financial faith walk. Our new movie, Out of the Darkness is no exception. Out of the Darkness is very, very ambitious.

Q:What has been your favorite thing about making Christian films?

A: Making a movie that God can use for His glory is the best thing about making Christian movies. I have personally seen over a thousand people go forward to surrender their lives to Jesus after showings of our movies at churches and festivals. We know that there have been thousands upon thousands of people around the world that have surrendered their lives to Jesus after viewing our movies.

Q:Why did you decide to make films that were overtly Christian?

A: I feel that is what God has called me to do -- to present the Gospel without any mystery. I want to present the Truth (His Word) and allow God to use it.

Q:Can you talk some about the movie you are working on now?

A:It's a supernatural thriller about how everything we say and do will one day be brought to life. God is going to hold us accountable one day and I'm praying that people who watch the movie will want to walk closer to Jesus.

Q:When is it expected to come out?

A:It's June 11th and I thought we would be finished months ago. There are over 1500 effects and it's taking a lot longer than we anticipated. Prayerfully, we'll complete the movie in September of 2013.

Q:What is your favorite movie and why?

A:I like a lot of movies -- from action movies to comedies.

Q:What is the biggest challenge in making a Christian film?

A:The biggest challenge in producing a Christian film is making a story that God can use for His glory.
Another challenge is working with very limited budgets, however, that helps you get on your knees before God -- the only One that can help you get through the journey.

Q:What advice would you have for young people aspiring to be a Christian filmmaker?

A:Seek God in all that you do, develop your craft as a story teller and don't be afraid of taking on a challenge that only God can see you through.

A special thanks again to Mr. Carrales for taking the time to answer these questions for us. To find out more about Danny Carrales or DRC Films, go to Also, who would you like us to interview next? Email us or let us know in the comments! We should have a few more interviews coming up very soon. Stay tuned!


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