Review: Grace Unplugged

March 11th, 2014

Last week, while enjoying some time off for Spring Break, my whole family decided to rent and watch the new Christian film Grace Unplugged. We all gathered around to watch, and as the movie began to progress, I was surprised by what I saw.

Grace Unplugged tells the story of a young aspiring musician, Grace Trey, who finally receives her chance to become a big star. After sending in a demo song, she finds out that she will have the opportunity to go to LA and pursue her dream of becoming a recording artist. The only catch, however, was that she was going to have to run away from her Christian parents and leave her home behind. Eventually, she decides the only thing to do is rebel and begin a new life in California.
As she enters into the music world and begins to become known as a superstar, she begins to find out what the true world of recording looks like. As she rises in fame, she is constantly pressured to write more songs, dress more provocatively, and compromise her morals time and time again. While she does leave her family behind in a rebellious rage, she begins to wonder if she is making the right choices in her life. The film follows Grace as she has to decide which way she will go and how she will plan her future.

While our family does casually watch movies all the time, it is a very rare occurrence that everyone stays to the end. Normally, one or two members wander off disinterested and turn their attention to other matters. However, as the film continued to run, I was pleasantly surprised to see that every single family member made it to the very end of the film. We all came away from the film saying we enjoyed it, and it was generally positive reviews around the room. I found that, for our family at least, the characters were very easily to relate to, especially since our whole family is the worship band at our church. I think with that background, we were able to enjoy the movie and easily relate to it from the beginning.

While there are a few odd parts throughout the movie that feel like awkward product placement, the whole film is enthralling and definitely kept everyone's attention. It is a pretty straightforward "prodigal son" type story, but there are still a few surprises throughout the film. I was also very happy to see how they were able to imply some of the damaging activities normally found in that kind of environment without having to show anything onscreen or in too much detail. The film stays clean all the way through, and minus a couple of immodest outfits, is perfectly family-friendly for all ages.

I would definitely recommend this film for anyone interested in Christian films, and I know I will especially recommend it to others in the worship leading environment. It's family-friendly and entertaining throughout, which is why I give this film a near-perfect 4.5/5 stars. I would highly recommend it!

What did you think of this film? Let us know in the comments below!


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