Journey to Novarupta

May 25th, 2014

Journey to Novarupta Creationworks

After the success of the Save Jonathan Park campaign a few months ago, CreationWorks has released another new audio drama, separate from the Jonathan Park series. Journey to Novarupta is a three-part audio adventure documenting the true story of Dr. Shormann and his quest to find evidence of the worldwide flood. The full description says:

The year is 1916. Dr. Robert Griggs is leading a National Geographic expedition to a volcanic blast zone never seen by human eyes. As his team summits a hill, a valley spreads out before him with thousands of active volcanic vents. That area was named by his team as the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. And it was created by the largest volcano in modern times, Novarupta.

Almost a hundred years later creation researcher, Dr. David Shormann, discovers a book written by Griggs, and decides to return back this remote part of the Alaskan wilderness with his family and friends. Their goal is to document the overwhelming evidence for creation, the worldwide flood, and an ice age. Their goal is to find evidence to build the faith of Christians, and challenge the non-believer. But to do that, they’ll have to survive bear encounters, pumice storms and freezing rivers.

To learn more about this series or to hear an audio sample, you can find out more information at their website There you can also purchase the audio adventure, available on CD or MP3 download. Also, be sure to check out to see or order the newly repackaged Jonathan Park albums! According to their website, a documentary based on Novarupta is planned to be released soon, so be sure to keep checking back as we bring you the latest on Journey to Novarupta and other exciting projects from CreationWorks!

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I just bought it
It's still as good as their first big move, Save Jonathan Park
Just walking around on and see it, awesome, just awsome

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