New Film from the Kendrick Brothers

January 13th, 2014

New Kendrick Brothers Movie

A lot of people have been wondering recently when the Kendrick Brothers (producers of Courageous and Fireproof) would start working on a new film. Well, we finally have some new information! The Kendrick Brothers recently sent out a newsletter with the following announcement:

"We are currently at work in the scriptwriting phase for a new movie, and we are asking all willing supporters to pray for us as we craft and polish the screenplay. We want nothing more than to have the favor of God upon this story, and for God to be glorified in the creation, production, and distribution of this movie.

In anticipation of the casting process, we've created forms on our website for actors and crew members to submit résumés for consideration. We already have specific actors in mind for some key roles, but the casting process has not officially begun, and there are many positions to be filled. Please pray for us and for God to lead us to the right people."

Would you like to submit a résumé to help be an actor or crew member for their new movie? You can apply on their website here if you would like the chance to be an actor in their new film, or here for the chance to be a crew member for the team. This would definitely be a great experience for anyone interested in the Christian film business to see what it's like to make a real movie. Keep checking back as we bring you the latest on this new film from the Kendrick Brothers!


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