New Movie: Mercy Rule

January 9th, 2014

Have you heard the news? A new Kirk Cameron film is in the works! A few days ago Kirk Cameron announced the movie on his Facebook page:

"Ok, I've got a secret to share. No one has heard this yet. Shhhh... brand new movie coming out soon- about family, faith, and baseball, with me and my wife Chelsea together in the movie, and guess who's playing my brother? Comedian, Tim Hawkins (Chic-Fil-A song)!! It turned out soooo good and I can't wait for you and your family to have it for your family movie night. So I have an important question for you: if you could get this movie any way you want it without having to wait like you did for Unstoppable, would you like it on DVD, digital download, iTunes, Amazon, or in a movie theater? Tell me, tell me!! I will be reading your responses tonight. Thanks!"

He then responded yesterday with this on his Facebook page:

"Wow!!! I'm overwhelmed by your responses to my brand new movie, MERCY RULE... you shared this with almost 5 million people, and 60,000 of you told me HOW you want to see it. My wife Chelsea was sooooo encouraged by your comments. I'm super excited to show you the movie trailer next!! I'm going to get MERCY RULE to you just the way you want it as quickly as possible. I want to serve it up the way your family likes it. To help me do this, please answer one more question: when you say you want "DVD", do you mean order a DVD online through Amazon, or walk into a place like Family Christian Stores and pick one up? Tell me, tell me. I'll be reading your responses again tonight!"

This will definitely be an exciting film, featuring not only Kirk Cameron and his wife, but also comedian Tim Hawkins! To learn more about this new film, you can visit our new movies page or read about it over on Kirk Cameron's Facebook page. Be sure to keep checking back as we keep you updated on this exciting new film!


Redbox, please.

Why was this a "Family Christian" exclusive? Customers are asking for it at our independent Christian bookstore in Tacoma, WA and we don't know how to get it.

NoahtheAdmin's picture

Hi Donna,

Unfortunately, this movie was made as an exclusive to Family Christian Stores. You can direct your customers to buy this film either from one of their stores or on their website @

God Bless!


I would love to see it released at Hastings and other places so maybe some unsaved people would see it!

It would be nice if the movie is released in two stages. 1st stage can be released in DVD in Family Christian and movie theatres... Pray...If it can't be released in theatres, then there are options. In the second stage in other digital download formats via amazon, itunes etc..

Mercy Rules... God does not disown any one.


Put it on Netflix! I've watched so many great Christian movies on there!

We do not live close a Christian bookstore. Amazon would be good, wal mart would be great!

I would order the DVD or pick it up at the Christian Parables in Omaha. Just want to get it asap. Thanks!


I would love to be able to pick up a DVD of the movie at a Christian book store. Thanks!

My family loves the Christian movies Kirk Cameron has done. We really hope to see the new film in the theaters. If not DVD and iTunes is the best way to enjoy family movies.

I think Redbox would be awsome. We dont have a Christian bookstore nearby. If you sell it online you should do a special that includes other movies.

Please make your new movie available in all the Christian family stores

I don't know how long ago this post was made and the decision may have already been made.
I always like going to the movie theatre. I love it when Christian movies come out. Out family rents from Red Box or Paper View from Verizon a lot too. We don't do too many DVDs anymore.
Thank you for staying devoted to Christ and sharing Him with others.

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