New Movies: Providence & Shake Off the World

February 19th, 2015

If you haven't checked out our New Movies section in the past couple of days, you may have missed a couple of new movies we posted about recently. So, read on to catch up on the latest news!


This movie is being produced by Fred and Sharon Wilharm, the creators of The Good Book, and is expected to release in February of 2016. The synopsis says:

"Rachel and Mitchell both grow up in the small town of Providence, Tennessee. Their paths keep crossing and at one point it looks like they'll finally get together. But the opportunity slips away and they go their separate ways. It takes a tragedy many years later before they're reunited. This time will they let the moment pass or will they take a step of faith and trust God to work a miracle in their lives?"

You can find out more in our New Movies section, or you can read our review of their last film, The Good Book.

Shake Off the World

Another sports movie, Shake Off the World is being produced by Avondale Pictures. It is expected to release sometime later in 2015. The synopsis says:

"The film revolves around Austin, a rising high school football star, who has his life all mapped out, until his coach makes a decision that forces Austin to change the course of his life. Austin finds himself in a new home, a new school, with a new set of friends and a whole bunch of problems. Just when it seems the world has Austin down for the count, he gets up, shakes off the world, and forever changes his destiny…"

You can also find out more about this movie in our New Movies section.

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