Redemption of the Heart on Kickstarter

August 18th, 2014

Redemption of the Heart Kickstarter

Back in March, a Christian film Redemption of the Heart premiered at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara, California, selling out the 2,000 seat venue. After a positive and energetic event, the producers, Isaac Meeks and Sandon Yahn are trying to spread this movie to theaters across the country. In order to achieve their goals, they launched a Kickstarter campaign today and they need your help and support! Their minimum goal is $10,000 dollars and if they're able to successfully reach it by September 16th, they'll be able to release this film in theaters to promote the coming DVD release. They posted on their Facebook page today:

It has been a dream of ours for three years now to bring Redemption of the Heart to movie theaters. Now is our big chance to try and see what he Lord does. We now have a Kickstarter Campaign for the next 30 days to try and get Roth in as many movie theaters as possible. Facebook you can help us by making a donation to our campaign please! Or by sending out the link above and telling your friends about our page. Below is our Facebook video to tell you a little more about our campaign and above is a link to our Kickstarter page! Please keep us in prayer these next 30 days!

The synopsis for the film reads:

Alex is a lonely and broken man who has walked away from his Christian faith, but is unable to walk away from his past. Suffering from a heart disorder, Alex is in major debt from medical bills and is trying to make something of his life. Daniel, Alex's friend, always seems to pull Alex into his illegal get-rich-quick schemes. One of these schemes involves the two of them posing as missionaries and swindling churches out of thousands of dollars. Alex meets Elaine, a sincere Christian woman, and they soon fall in love. Living a double life and with the FBI closing in on him, Alex will be faced with a choice that could cause him to lose the woman he loves and betray the only friend he has.

You can help support this film over on their Kickstarter page. There you can learn more about this film, and donate any amount to help them reach their $10,000 goal. You can also find out more about them over on their Facebook page. This is an exciting fundraiser and we'll be praying for an overwhelming success!


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