Spotlight: DisChord Animated Short

February 12th, 2015

Yes, we do love Kickstarter campaigns! Today, we wanted to spotlight a short animated film currently attempting to be funded on Kickstarter, DisChord! Produced by Erin Heatherman and Burnt Bridge Films, they are looking to make an animated faith-based short film. The synopsis and video are below:

Our setting: a Central Park-like park--it is a beautiful summer morning. People are walking about, old men are playing chess, and a painter works his canvas--it's the kind that spins, so he is twirling it about and you can't make out what he is painting. A man walks into the scene with a flute case. He sets up and begins playing. What a wonderful tune! He’s really good and naturally some people milling about stop to listen. One throws a coin into his case. Then another sound cues and the flutist sees a woman nearby playing an bucket, a hat out in front for tips. She is equally as talented and thus draws the attention from the flutist’s crowd—much to the flutist’s chagrin. The painter’s strokes become a bit faster. The sound of a trombone towers over the rest, ripping attention away once again. Coins in hat. The painter gets more and more animated as paint begins to fly. The three musicians each take short turns trying to draw the crowd, moving closer and closer to each other in the process, eyes bulging, faces blue from effort. A couple of people look at each other confusedly. The trombone player’s exhaust blows the sheet music from the flutist’s stand, which causes him to lose it and all three play all the more fiercely. They play over each other, creating quite a horrible sound. The people turn to move on when they see the painter furiously painting something--you still can't quiiite make it out. The three musicians are all in a tight circle as the clamor reaches a climax—then! Silence. The painter is done. The three musicians freeze and take full hold of the situation. The painter gives his canvas a 'wheel of fortune'like spin, and backs away. The crowd, including the musicians, walk up as the painting slows. The painter is no longer visible. The canvas comes to a stop, revealing a picture of the three musicians being robbed. The three quickly turn to see that they have indeed been robbed. Already a long way off, the painter taps his pants pocket and slips away. One defeated musician separates his buckets for the others to sit down next to them. They look miserable. Blackout.

After the credits: The three musicians on buckets begin to tap. They each tap and create a beat. They begin to jam and their smiles return.

This is definitely a fun project and it's neat to see a Christian animation project on Kickstarter! You can find out more about this project over on their Kickstarter page. They're still a ways from their $10,500 goal, but if we spread the word, anything can happen!


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