Spotlight: Sony Movie Studio Platinum

October 28th, 2013

Good HD video editing software

Today we spotlight for you our favorite consumer-level video editing software for the PC - Sony Movie Studio Platinum. If you're looking for a good, fairly inexpensive movie editing program to piece together some of your videos, look no further than this program. With it's hundreds of special effects, rendering options, and abilities, Sony Movie Studio Platinum will help you get it done.

I have really enjoyed using this program and the more I learn it, the more I really like it. I edit almost exclusively in this program now, only using a few other things for various projects. I love how you can create as many video and audio tracks as you need, and you're not limited to a set amount such as 16. It also works beautifully on a dual-monitor display, as you can move the various windows around maximizing a dual-screen experience. You can export all the way up to 1080p HD, and there are dozens of different options for exporting.

Overall, I really think this is my favorite video editor I've ever used. Without having to shell out a whole lot of money for Final Cut Pro or something higher end, this is definitely the perfect experience for a consumer-level video editor.


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