New Movie: The Christmas Candle

November 23rd, 2013

The Christmas Candle

A new movie released yesterday in theaters that obviously signals that the Christmas season is looming. The Christmas Candle, a new film based on the novel by Max Lucado premiered in theaters yesterday, and definitely looks like one you do not want to miss. The full synopsis reads:

"From bestselling author, Max Lucado, comes THE CHRISTMAS CANDLE, a timeless holiday film for the entire family.

Deep in the heart of the English countryside lies the enchanting village of Gladbury. Legend has it every 25 years an angel visits the village candlemaker and touches a single candle. Whoever lights this candle receives a miracle on Christmas Eve. But in 1890, at the dawn of the electric age, this centuries old legend may come to an end.

When David Richmond (Hans Matheson), a progressive young minister, arrives in Gladbury, the villagers discover a new formula for miracles: good deeds and acts of kindness. While David's quest to modernize Gladbury sets him at odds with the old world candlemaker, he finds an unlikely ally in the lovely skeptic, Emily Barstow (Samantha Barks). Now, the fiery candlemaker must fight to preserve the legacy of the Christmas Candle. But when the candle goes missing, the miraculous and human collide in the most astonishing Christmas the village of Gladbury has ever seen.

This film is produced by Echolight Studios, who we recently mentioned is now headed by Rick Santorum. This film definitely looks like it is worth seeing, and we hope to see it soon and post a review of it here. To learn more about this film, you can visit our New Movies page about this film, or visit their website here. If you had the opportunity to see this movie, let us know what you thought of it in the comments below! We'll be sure to keep you updated about this film and when it releases on DVD.


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