The Drop Box Release Date

November 13th, 2014

Back in July, we updated you on The Drop Box, mentioning that post production on the film was finally done. Well, a release date has now been officially announced for March 3rd! Rather than going straight to DVD, this film will be released in theaters from March 3-5, 2015. More details on the event were released through Kindred Image's e-mail newsletter:

"Unlike traditional theatrical releases, audiences will enjoy live performances from musical artists including Steven Curtis Chapman, listen to a discussion from a panel of influencers headlined by director Brian Ivie, and even hear from some surprise guests.

The hope is that this event-based release will not only augment the film's premiere, but also motivate people to take action on behalf of the abandoned, discarded, and disabled here in the United States, South Korea, and around the world!"

You can find out more information on purchasing tickets at their website: Be sure to stay tuned as we bring you the latest on this film!


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