Coming Soon - Wait Till it's Free!

August 20th, 2013

Wait Till it's Free Coming Soon

Another film is on the way! Gunn Productions, which has produced films such as Indroctination, Captivated, and Act Like Men, is well on their way to completing their next documentary, Wait Till It's Free! This new film takes a look at healthcare here in America through insightful interviews with people in the medical field. The full synopsis reads:

'Wait Till It's Free' is an entertaining and provocative look at the current healthcare crisis. Coming at the healthcare issue from a non-partisan but none-the-less conservative and Christian outlook, this film takes a hard and honest look at the way we do healthcare in America. The film looks at every relevant aspect of modern medicine, from the escalating cost of health insurance to the move towards universal government healthcare. The film asks what kind of alternatives there are for families caught between expensive insurance-based coverage and the "Free" government solutions. The film explores the alternatives for individuals, churches, and families, and offers moving and enlightening stories about those that have chosen to follow innovative and independent approaches to healthcare.

This promises to be an exciting new film by producer Colin Gunn, and should be released in early 2014. It was posted on the Wait Till It's Free! Facebook page yesterday:

Tomorrow will be the final interview of the Wait Till It's Free production tour. We've been all around the nation interviewing the experts and capturing the stories of the of American healthcare crisis.

So, it appears that interviews are now finished for the film, and it should be getting closer to a final release. You can find out more about Wait Till It's Free! at or on their Facebook page here. You can also see all the latest details on our New Movies page. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates on this new film from Colin Gunn!


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