New Movie: Genesis in 3D

September 30th, 2013

Genesis Movie in 3d

An interesting new Christian film is now attempting to be crowd-funded on indiegogo! Genesis in 3D is a new feature-length animated film coming soon to theaters, 3D Blu-ray, and DVD. The synopsis reads:

"Genesis 3D Movie is a feature-length documentary film based on the first book of the Bible, featuring stunning 3D visual effects accompanied with expert scientific research!"

Right now, they are available to support on their indiegogo page, and this will continue until October 31st. They are currently at 87% of their goal (as of this posting), with a total of $130,100 supported of their of $150,000 goal. To donate to their campaign, you can visit them on their indiegogo page. To find out more information about this new movie, you can visit them on their website, or find out more on our New Movies page. Stay tuned as we bring you more information about this new Christian film.


Hi there, where can I get some the Genesis 3D to buy thank you.

NoahtheAdmin's picture

Hi Sam, currently it's still in production. We'll let you know when they release it!


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