Spotlight: Blender

June 11th, 2013

Blender Bob the Tomato 3D
A "Bob the Tomato" in Blender...

One of the things that we want to do on this blog is recommend programs to new filmmakers to utilize in their projects. One such program that I came across a few years ago is Blender, a 3d rendering software. With Blender, you can make 3-dimensional objects and characters and animate footage with them. Blender has many incredible features, and has the capability to produce very polished images for your animation. The best thing about Blender is by far the price. While some 3D programs can run you thousands of dollars, Blender is completely free. It does require a lot of learning (as you can tell by my crudely-made Bob the Tomato up top), but if you invest the time and energy into learning the software, you can truly do amazing things with this program.

Here is a video made in Blender to give you an idea of the quality of the software:

Big Buck Bunny - Created in Blender

Here are a few more shots of things made in Blender:

Moon surface made in Blender
A shot of the moon I made in Blender... Obviously I need a lot more practice!

Dog made in Blender program
A dog made in Blender...

Bird made in Blender program
A bird made in Blender...

Grapes made in Blender program
Some grapes made in Blender...

You can find out more about Blender at I would encourage anyone looking into making a 3D animated movie to check it out!

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I hope some people will use this program to God's advantage. There hasn't been many good christian animated movies yet (besides Heaven: The First War).

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