Update on Left Behind 2

May 24th, 2015

Last month, we let you know that the producers behind the new Left Behind movie were looking into creating a sequel. So, to raise more funds for their film, they took to Indiegogo, in an attempt to raise $500,000 by May 7th, 2015. That day has now passed, and they have unfortunately only been able to raise 16% of their goal, $80,699 in total.

However, this was a flexible funding campaign, meaning they receive all that money, despite not reaching their goal. So now, this leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Will the sequel still go through? Will they be able to produce the film they want to make with only $80,000? According to IMDB, the first film's budget was $16M, and grossed roughly $14M. The movie also received very negative reviews almost universally, and many (including us in our video review) were disappointed in the end product.

So, it looks like the future is uncertain for Left Behind 2. As seen in the video above, they seem to want to make a whole series of this movies, chronicling the entire account told in the books. But will they be able to go through with the second film? Only time will tell, so be sure to check back as we bring you the latest on the future of Left Behind!


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