VIDEO: What Christian Movies Can Learn From Captain America: Civil War

June 1st, 2016

So, I have an idea... What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


We have to reach the world well as the church

I agree with you buddy! There needs to be more unbiased Christian films. We really need to look at the reality of it! Christians don't always come out on top. Chariots of Fire is an example of an unbiased look at Christianity and the Jewish faith. Two athletes on the same Olympic track team! One is a Christian and the other is Jewish. The film was not overly Christian but God came shining through in this film!

I love the idea. If only we had more people in the christian film industry.

Well it's an interesting thought. I know sometimes Christian movies r geared totally toward Christians, mostly to encourage and uplift, which is good! We need that - but it's not going to reach the masses FOR Christ. You make some good points! I'm thinking about the Ken Ham / Bill Nigh (sp?) debate. I'm sure there were those who watched it that may not have even been watching from a Christian perspective, but in the course of the debate, heard Truth!!! So yes, God can defend Himself, His Word can defend Itself, God's Word will not return void!!!

I like your premise, especially when you say that we need to have confidence in knowing that the Christian message will come out when people are challenged. There is a place for the Holy Spirit to work on people's hearts AFTER the credits roll. Maybe it's the role of the film to simply ASK the question and then promote discussion -- not to try to solve the entire issue in 90 minutes.

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