Review: Olympus VN-702PC Recorder

June 29th, 2013

For anyone looking for a good recorder to use with a microphone, such as a lapel microphone, look no further than the Olympus VN-702PC. We got this recorder a few months ago to record sermons at church, and it seems to be working okay now. We had a few problems at first, but that turned out to be a problem with the sound board, and not the recorder. I also tried doing a test of plugging my lapel microphone directly into the recorder through the 3.5mm mic jack and it came through in great quality.

The recorder has a record button, stop button, along with controls to go to the menu, rewind, fast forward, etc. It has a microphone jack so you can plug in an external mic or audio source. It also contains a convenient headphone jack so you can make sure the audio quality is coming through well. It has a slider power button on the side and also a slot to plug in a Micro SD card, although it contains so much internal memory we have not had reason to buy one yet.

We've been using it every Saturday for several hours for the past few months and have not yet had to change batteries, so battery life does not seem to be a problem. If you look carefully, you can find this recorder for under $50, so it won't break the bank either. So, if you're planning on simply plugging in a microphone into the recorder for whatever reason, this recorder should work perfectly for you.

You can find this recorder on Amazon or on the Olympus website. I would recommend this recorder very highly!


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