New Christian Movies - 2018 / 2019


Every Boy Needs a Hero MovieTitle: Hero

Produced by: Advent Film Group

Release Date: September 16th, 2014 (DVD)

Synopsis: Joe Finn was a local legend in the world of baseball, but a miserable failure as a husband, father, and friend. Now, seven years after leaving home, he returns just in time to say goodbye to his dying wife and hello to a son and a community who consider him as good as dead.

Where Was God?

Where Was God MovieTitle: Where Was God?

Produced by: Behold Motion Pictures

Release Date: May 16th, 2014 (Theaters)

Synopsis: May 20, 2013--an EF5 tornado ripped through Moore, OK. The magnitude of devastation measured over eight times greater than the atomic bomb that leveled Hiroshima. As the world watched, one question continued to surface - Where Was God?