First Love

First Love MovieTitle: First Love

Produced by: Reflective Life Ministries

Release Date: September 28th, 2013

Synopsis: First Love, produced by Reflective Life Ministries, is a modern day story based on the life of Peter. Joe is a natural leader who is impulsive and passionate, but he needs a heart transformation in order to follow a higher calling. As he struggles to decide between ambition and humility, his marriage to Catherine and his career hang in the balance. Catherine must come to grips with the reality of her past to find healing for present relationships. Teenagers, Michael and Emily, are working through their faith and a budding friendship, while Emily's sister, Sarah, covers them all with faithful prayer. Throughout the film, Anthony Vero and his Aunt Rosa guide and instruct with God's truth, hoping eternal work will be accomplished as Joe returns to his first love.

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Dove Rating: All Ages Approved

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First Love is an excellent movie! In today's world it is so easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life, forgetting our true priorities. It uses everyday situations that we have all encountered, in one way or another. The movie shows how a relationship with our Heavenly Father will enable you to overcome any obstacle. Highly recommend First Love for preteen and adults!

I had the pleasure of watching this movie when it first came out. It portrays Christian values while dealing with real life struggles. I have recommended this movie to many and will continue doing so.

First Love far exceeded my expectations. The level of quality of the acting and production is impressive for an independent film. I loved how the characters' stories were inter-connected and how the film portrays a wide range of real issues and emotions.

I went to see this movie twice and loved it so much that I bought a copy to share with family and friends. It's has a great message to put Jesus first in our lives and it shows how He works for those who do. It's a family friendly movie and uses humor to appeal to everyone. I highly recommend this movie.

This movie touched my life on many different levels. It convicted me gently, yet strongly to live a life of integrity and look at the world - the everyday - as a way to pray for people and tell them I am praying for them. Watching the healing of marriage gave me hope! I developed a deeper respect for both my father and my husband after watching the movie because I see in them the integrity that the movie speaks of in business. The movie left me desiring to live a life more in tune with Christ and showed clear, easy ways to do it. ALL while telling a story. It didn't come off as preachy, but told a captivating story and the lives of the characters is what portrayed the message of Christ. Such a good movie! We need more of these movies!!!

First Love has made a different in my walk with God. Truly a Blessing!

My 21 year old son took me the night before Valentine's Day 2014 to see First Love and we both thought it was a special evening and a great movie! Bought 9 to give as gifts and would like to see more movies such as First Love!

It is hard to find good movies that show God actively working in everyday lives. First Love shows God active in the home, workplace, and high school. Humor lightens these very real everyday struggles. A great family film for older elementary and up. I came away encouraged and refreshed.

Our family just watched First Love last night and LOVED it! Great story with great parallels.

First Love refers to several different kinds of love. This movie will appeal to husbands and wives, to men and women in the workplace, to anyone struggling and needing a relationship with God whether they know it or not. Great movie.

First Love is packed with all the elements of an amazing movie! Beyond the great acting, plot, sub-plots, and heart-felt messages this film inspired me to put Jesus first in my everyday life. A gentle, yet bold faith is displayed throughout the movie. The thread of prayer is one I will never forget! I recommend this movie to everyone. Using it for small group or family discussions will open the door to an abundance of conversations.

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